Discover Troyes

History and Surroundings

Troyes, historical capital of the Champagne region, a city of Art and History, distinguishes itself by the beauty of its architecture,

the timbered structures of its buildings, its gastronomy, its nine churches illuminated by their remarquable tinted glass windows.

The old fortifications, which in the past protected the city, have left their place to the main boulevards, which still identify the perimeters

of the city and form the famous "bouchon de Champagne" or "Champagne cork" (clearly distinct from the air). Within the city there is a

hive of commercial and pedestrian activity, historical monuments and buildings remarquably maintained, preserved and brought to life

in order to make Troyes a pleasure to visit.

The "Pans de Bois" or wooden structures are omni-present in the city center of Troyes and especially around the Hotel Relais Saint Jean.

Everywhere you can admire the tall wooden buildings, their "Colombages" and rounded features. 

The Vineyards of Aube : The Champagne Road or Trial crosses all the hillsides of the Côte des Bar with a route traced over 220 km.

It takes you through numerous small picturesque wine villages and invites you to discover its champagne houses and the "Rosé des Riceys".

The Natural regional park of the forest of Orient: A breath of pure air in the heart of Aube. Nature lovers will be impressed by its

forests and 3 lakes. Hiking, swimming, ornithological discoverys or nautical activities, visits to timber framed churches, everyone will find

what he or she is looking for.

   Factory Outlet Centers: Mc Arthur Glen

 - Marques City

 - Marque Avenue et Marque Avenue Maison.

 . Attraction Parks: Nigloland (an attraction park for familles and friends)

The Abbey of Clairvaux: It is in the heart of the old Gallic forest and in a clearing named Val d'Asinthe that Saint

Bernard built the famous Abbey from 1115 and lived until his death in 1153. Nowadays the privileged visitors can discover that this site

conceals some rare architectual treasures.

Rachi Institute, European center of Hebrew studies

The Auguste Renoir workshop (in Essoyes): The ancient workshop of the painter presents a collection of objects

and personal furniture as well as the works of the famous impressionist.

Charles de Gaulle Memorial in Colombey-les-deux-Eglises: A Museum dedicated to the memory of General Charles de

Gaulle, a prominent and distinct figure of the french resistance and modern day french history.